Oil pastels Sennelier, Water-soluble color wax pastels Caran d'Ache on paper Daler Rowney
Crayons Caran d'Ache in duet with soft oil Senneler. They are solid durable, but the colors are bright and saturated, diluted with water and become like watercolors, but on colored paper it is not so spectacular. On the washed out areas, new layers fit well, overlapping the color, I use Senneler oil at the end for accents, smears, and lays very gently. While in the process of learning;) Oil pastel.

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  • Марина: Очень а какими мелками вы писали я имею ввиду марку

    Vera Kavura: Мелки Caran d'Ache в дуэте с мягкой масляной Сеннельер.


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